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We build ecommerce applications ranging from small scale applications to very large multi category applications. We choose our platform very carefully to build an ecommerce site basing on the requirement of the application. Our team has built number of ecommerce applications on platforms such as Joomla, Wordpress etc. which gives the customer instant access to the entire site as well as the client can manage his products and orders with ease.

Our strategy is one of the best when it comes to development, as it is quick and fulfills each requirement of the client.

Planning and Organizing Application
  • Before beginning to set up Ecommerce, we first sketch a complete plan and setup the information of how to organize all items, categories, subcategories, groups, and packages. Determine any special shipping methods, shipping rules, special item discounts, and item handling charges.
Design Application
  • We have designers of 15+ experience, who by using their creativity design a professional layout, which suits the ecommerce requirement.
Add Items
  • Add items (upload product images and define any package options in this step ) - Add all products and product components to be used in the catalog
  • Select shipping options - Define shipping methods and any special shipping rules
  • Package options - All items used in product packages must first have at least one package option defined
  • Package options are always defined at the time an item is added, or by editing the item.
  • Discount options - Define any special discounts associated with products
  • Inventory - Activate inventory control and specify beginning stock on hand
Add Packages & Item Groups

  • Products and product components that will be used in packages must already exist as items with item package options defined
  • At least one option group must be created
  • At least one item package option must be added to each option group created.
Item Groups
  • Products to be used in Item Groups must already exist as items
Add Categories and Subcategories
  • Categories and subcategories are used to organize the online catalog by product type, brand, or any other organized system which allows customers to easily find products
Add Items, Item Groups, and Packages to Categories
  • Add all products to be used in the catalog into their respective categories
Set up Global Rules
  • Shipping methods
  • Discounts
  • Shipping rules
  • Handling charges
  • Tax rules
Set Up Payment Methods and Ecommerce Options
  • Payment Methods
  • Merchant Account Information - Online merchant account details, Paypal, and/or e-mail processing
  • Shopping Cart Check Out Options
Create and Customize a Shopping Cart Page
  • Add a cart component to a new shopping cart Web page
  • Edit the cart component to customize the general look of the cart
Create and Customize a Catalog Page
  • Add a catalog component to a new catalog page
  • Edit the catalog component to customize the general look of the catalog
  • Specify your "check out" shopping cart page in the catalog component options
  • Select your newly created catalog page from the Ecommerce Product Catalog Management Page
Publish the Web site, and update the catalog images

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